Useful Sites, Information & Resources

You can find more information about driving tests and related subjects by visiting the sites listed below.

Live and Learn: A parental guide to keeping young drivers safe on the road.

Live and Learn is an evidence-based parental guide to keeping young drivers safe on the road. Author Neil Snow covers the underlying causes of young driver crashes such as adolescent development and behavioural issues. He then supplies parents with options to reduce young driver crash risk such as: extended learning periods, choosing a quality driving instructor, private practice, choosing a first car and issues of ownership, telematics insurance policies, and other new technologies.
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The Highway code
The UK Traffic signs
About the theory test
Info for your practical test
What to expect in the practical test.
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Official publications
Buy books online from the DVSA bookstore including highway code and theory test and more
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DVSA Videos
Series of videos for learners from the DVSA
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Blue Lights Aware
Blue Light Aware is a short video, produced on behalf of the emergency services. Their crews rely on the help of other road users when they’re on a ‘blue light’ journey. By watching Blue Light Aware, you will better understand their needs, you will be reducing the risks you face, you will be contributing to a safer road environment and you might also be helping to save a life.
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The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents is a registered charity established more than 90 years ago that aims to campaign for change, influence opinion, contribute to debate, educate and inform.
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Road Respect
Road Respect is about making the roads safer in North East England. We’re seeking to continue to change the culture on the roads and foster respect for the law, other road users, conditions and yourself as a road user. Take a look around… watch, read, comment and share. We look forward to hearing from you soon!
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We make better drivers and riders!
All areas of the Institute of Advanced Motorists have joined together under one trading name IAM RoadSmart. We help all road users to be the best they can be. We help develop the skills of all licence holders through our advanced courses, programmes for businesses and short sessions available to everyone. Courses
Driving for work
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Safe Driving
Safe Driving contains articles written by experts which are continually updated.
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THINK! campaigns
Visit for THINK! campaign information including:
THINK! road safety statistics and facts
THINK! adverts and interactive road safety games
Partnership information

Road safety advice
Visit the new road safety advice section of Directgov for general road safety information including:
Drink driving limits
Advice on choosing and fitting child car seats
Penalties for using hand-held mobile phones whilst driving
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Traffic Accident Advice
A very interesting site with some useful articles with the aim of reducing traffic accidents in the UK.
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